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The Marti Group: Worldwide Accessible Data with Centralized Security

Marti Group Relies on NetApp's Flexible and Dependable Data Infrastructure 

The Marti Group is harnessing state-of-the-art technology to revamp its storage infrastructure and elevate performance. Through close collaboration with BNC and NetApp, they have introduced innovative solutions that not only guarantee the availability of core applications but also prioritize flexibility and data security.


The Marti Group

With decades of know-how and the expertise of over 6000 specialists and generalists, the Marti Group excels in delivering secure and efficient construction projects worldwide. Founded as a family business in 1922, it has evolved into a network of 80 independently managed subsidiary companies under a unified holding. The group's portfolio boasts prestigious high-rise structures and infrastructure projects in Swiss cities, along with a multitude of tunnel constructions both within the country and abroad.


Project Overview


The Marti Group also reaps the benefits of the NetApp Unified Architecture. A wide array of data and protocols not only coexist on the same platform but are also safeguarded through the storage infrastructure, achieved through spatial redundancy and asynchronous data mirroring. The resulting level of availability has proven to be precisely suitable for the conglomerate's needs.

For data versioning, Loretan combines local NetApp snapshots with asynchronous dual data mirroring using NetApp SnapMirror. This enables data from the Zurich and Stuttgart locations to be locally secured and regularly replicated to the central cluster in Bern. By centralizing backup data, Loretan establishes a robust foundation for long-term data security within the Marti Group.

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