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Optimal Primary Storage Solutions for Hybrid Cloud Environments

Secure your data with our scalable and highly reliable primary storage solutions 

Are you currently utilizing cloud-based infrastructure solutions or considering their adoption in the future? The task at hand is to capitalize on the advantages of the cloud while upholding a superior level of resilience and control over central IT operations. This necessitates a primary storage solution that seamlessly integrates with a hybrid IT infrastructure and facilitates a cloud operating model (as-a-service). Additionally, managing workloads with structured or unstructured data, demanding high IOPS, poses challenges. Our primary storage solutions deliver robust and integrated data storage for business-critical applications, catering to both virtual and cloud environments, while supporting high-performance workloads across all data types.


Our Primary Storages offer robust and secure protection against data loss and ransomware, strengthened by advanced local and remote replication capabilities.


Unified storage offers a versatile solution that combines SAN (Storage Area Network) and NAS (Network Attached Storage) functionalities within a single system, providing support for multiple protocols.


Our unified operating system caters to on-premises storage needs while seamlessly integrating with multiple public cloud platforms.


Our solution ensures ease of deployment and user-friendliness, resulting in cost savings on operational expenses.

Experience the versatility and high-performance of our primary storage solutions designed for mission-critical applications and infrastructures

Our solutions are engineered to accommodate both structured and unstructured data, effectively supporting workloads with demanding high IOPS requirements. This makes them perfectly suited for managing business-critical databases, virtual environments, containerized environments, file shares, and storage in public cloud infrastructures.

Built upon dedicated products from reputable manufacturers, our primary storage solutions include solid-state arrays (SSAs) and hybrid storage arrays, with the added benefit of Software-Defined Storage (SDS) functionality. SDS can be deployed on-premises or in the public cloud, enhancing flexibility and seamless integration into existing infrastructures.


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