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Embark on your apprenticeship as an IT Specialist in Platform Development

Be part of our Tech Team and shape the future! Discover inspiring workspaces, open communication, and an innovative atmosphere as you embark on this exciting journey with us!

Explore a world of opportunities in Network Infrastructure, Security, and Cloud & Datacenter with us. Embrace your passion for technology and continual growth. Unleash your potential and soar to new heights in your career.

Apprenticeship with BNC

1st Year

You will begin your apprenticeship at our partner, Bbc, where you'll learn the foundational skills and complete inter-company courses, establishing a strong base. During this period, you'll spend 3 days at Bbc and 2 days at the vocational school.

1st Year

2nd Year

Your introduction to the working world at BNC. You will take on responsibilities at the Helpdesk of Internal IT, gaining deeper insights into the organization. Alongside other apprentices, you'll get involved in initial customer projects and set up your own company in our lab to become familiar with various technologies. You'll spend 2 days at the vocational school and 3 days with us.

3rd Year

You will actively participate in customer projects and immerse yourself further into BNC's specializations. During this stage, your schedule will consist of 1 day at the vocational school and 4 days with us.

3rd Year

4th Year

Preparing for the final exam: You'll take on increased responsibilities and contribute your knowledge to real projects. A significant focus will be on your specialized paper for the qualification process. You'll spend 1 day at the vocational school and 4 days with us.

Final Exam

Our goal is to provide our learners with an exciting field of interest after graduation, where they can further develop their skills and expertise.

Your Individuality Matters

We value your uniqueness and encourage entrepreneurial spirit. Take charge, share your ideas, and collaborate openly in our relaxed and supportive environment. Together, we'll thrive and evolve.

As innovation pioneers, we navigate the tech landscape with agility. Your ideas shape the future, discussed and implemented in a team that stays ahead of the curve.

Join our inspiring, modern, and stylish offices, where top-notch facilities and a positive atmosphere foster creativity and focused work. Be a part of our dynamic team, where your contributions make a difference.



As an apprentice in the Platform Development specialization, you will undergo comprehensive training to learn how to plan, configure, and test intricate IT systems, cloud solutions, and networks.

Your responsibilities will include monitoring IT infrastructure systems and efficiently troubleshooting and resolving any arising issues. This role demands a strong grasp of technical concepts and the ability to work proficiently with diverse IT tools and technologies.

Throughout your training, you will cultivate essential skills and knowledge to excel in the dynamic field of Platform Development.

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