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IT Challenges in the Construction and Industrial Sector

Navigating from Agility to Security in the IoT Age

CIOs and IT leaders in the construction and industrial sectors encounter a diverse array of challenges concerning IT security and infrastructure. These challenges span from handling inflexible IT infrastructures and incorporating emerging technologies to addressing skill shortages and ensuring robust security amidst a progressively interconnected cloud and IoT environment. Simultaneously, there is a demand to sustain continuous uptime and develop resilient infrastructures while effectively managing the intricacies of IT and OT domains. To successfully confront these hurdles, strategic decision-making and forward-looking solutions are imperative. 


Current IT challenges for the construction and industrial sector

Comprehensive IT Solutions and Cybersecurity for the Construction and Industrial Sectors: Your Partner in the Age of Digitalization

As a leading provider of innovative IT solutions and services, we assist companies in the construction and industrial sectors in addressing current IT challenges. Our solutions span from secure data access to data backup.

Our extensive Consulting Services is built on years of expertise and diverse project experience, allowing us to draw upon specialized knowledge and guide you through the digitalization process step by step. Our Cybersecurity experts ensure that your data and systems are better protected against cyber threats. In the realm of automation, we can also provide advice and help optimize your infrastructure. We assist in establishing centralized monitoring to ensure the availability of your infrastructure.

Moreover, as an experienced IT service provider, we offer comprehensive Managed Services, including network, security, and storage. We provide an array of infrastructure services in one place, relieving your internal IT departments and enabling you to focus on your applications, while we supply the expertise and reduce the workload.



Focus on Network Security, Scalability and Flexibility: BNC Secure Access Service has improved efficiency and security for the SABAG Group

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Global Modernization and Standardization of LAN and WLAN -  AMMANN opts for BNC's Managed Services and Aruba

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Enhancing Manufacturing Safety through Standardization - Global Consistency and Enhanced Operations with Aruba Network Solutions

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Case: Marti AG

Worldwide Accessible Data with Centralized Security - Marti Group Relies on NetApp's Flexible and Dependable Data Infrastructure 

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