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Professional Services: Leverage our Expertise for Your Benefit

Merging IT Expertise with Resource Efficiency

Confronted with the daunting task of assembling a qualified team for your IT projects and day-to-day operations? The quest for readily available experts equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience can be challenging and time-intensive. This is where BNC steps in, streamlining and enhancing your processes.

BNC is your dependable ally in utilizing resources both effectively and successfully. Our system engineers and project managers, fortified with expertise and a wealth of experience, stand ready to augment your projects or bolster your operations team.


Take advantage of system engineers possessing robust academic backgrounds (degree from a university of applied sciences or equivalent) complemented by relevant industry certifications


Leverage the skills of system engineers, who boast solid academic foundations (degrees from universities of applied sciences or equivalent) and are equipped with pertinent industry certifications.


Draw upon our substantial years of experience and our well-regarded references.


Collaborating as Equals

Within projects, our engagement operates either on a contractual basis or within the scope of work agreements. We extend operational support on a contractual basis as well as through staff leasing, provided conditions align. We invoice for our services either on a time and material basis or at a fixed rate.

Our collaboration operates on the principles of mutual respect and understanding. We believe it's crucial that people who respect and comprehend each other's roles collaborate effectively. During a project, the project manager acts as the primary point of contact.


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