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Cremo: Transforming from Ransomware Attack to IT Excellence

Overhauling the IT Infrastructure in Just One Year

In the summer of 2022, Cremo fell victim to a ransomware attack that had a substantial impact on its operations. Through a close partnership with BNC, Cremo embarked on a remarkable journey to revamp its IT infrastructure swiftly. In the span of just a year, Cremo emerged from this crisis with a modern, secure IT environment. Leveraging the "IT Manager as a Service" program, Cremo successfully shifted its IT landscape from a complex mix of systems to standardized solutions. This transformation encompassed diverse areas, including network security, computing, and telecommunications.


Cremo SA

Cremo SA, headquartered in Villars-sur-Glâne, is a renowned Swiss company in the dairy processing industry and ranks among Switzerland's top dairies. The company is celebrated for its extensive range of high-quality dairy products, including butter, various dairy items such as milk, UHT cream, milk-based beverages, and yogurts. Furthermore, Cremo offers a diverse selection of hard and semi-hard cheeses like Gruyère AOP, Vacherin Fribourgeois AOP, and Raclette. In addition to these products, Cremo also manufactures various varieties of milk powder and protein concentrates that are utilized in the food industry, both domestically and abroad.

Cremo holds a prominent position in the Swiss corporate landscape and operates not only in Villars-sur-Glâne but also has production facilities in Sierre and Le Mont-sur-Lausanne.




Following the ransomware attack in the summer of 2022, Cremo SA swiftly rejuvenated its IT infrastructure with the support of BNC. This comprehensive process encompassed migrating to Microsoft 365, establishing a virtualization cluster, implementing network segmentation, deploying firewalls, conducting Windows 11 upgrades, and introducing IT security policies.

"Cremo required a partner who comprehends the needs and transformations of a major dairy company and can efficiently and cost-effectively implement them. The cyberattack posed a significant challenge to Cremo. However, through mutual trust and the active participation of everyone in the Cremo-BNC IT team, the damage was mitigated," Erik Lüthi, Sales Director Bern at BNC, succinctly summarized.

Cremo emerged from this crisis strengthened, now equipped with a modern and secure IT infrastructure. The "IT Manager as a Service" mandate allowed Cremo to transition from a complex IT landscape to standardized solutions, with a particular focus on areas such as network security, computing, and telecommunications.

"The collaboration with BNC promptly provided us with a secure and efficient IT infrastructure, an achievement that would have taken significantly longer to realize with our internal resources alone. Moreover, the issues resulting from the cyberattacks could have had far more severe consequences for the company had we not tapped into BNC's resources," remarked Pascal Fellay, Head of Finance and a member of the executive management at Cremo.


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