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AMMANN opts for BNC's Managed Services

Global Modernization and Standardization of LAN and WLAN

AMMANN is dedicated to a 100% implementation of virtualization and cloud solutions for its worldwide staff of 3,700 employees. The family-owned enterprise aims to establish a uniform network standard under Swiss management. In a remarkably short span of 10 months, the global network infrastructure, along with WLAN functionality, was overhauled. Supported by BNC Managed Services and an architecture built on Aruba HPE and Extreme products, the central BNC Management System ensures efficient administration and adaptability.



The AMMANN GROUP is one of the global leaders in providing mixing plants, machinery, and services for the construction industry, specializing in road construction. As a family-owned enterprise, it has been successful since 1869, operating internationally through subsidiaries and dealer networks.


Project Overview


BNC prevailed over several internationally renowned providers, thanks to the flexible BNC Managed Services and a custom architecture built on products from HPE Aruba Networking and Extreme Networks. 

"At BNC, there is no standard catalog. The services were tailored for us and integrated into our processes. This enables us to benefit from smooth operations and helps us uncover shadow IT."
Eric von Ah, Global Operations Manager at AMMANN

The outcome: In a span of just 10 months, AMMANN successfully replaced and standardized its global network infrastructure. Simultaneously, the WLAN was activated.

The comprehensive and layered Network Access Control ensures secure access based on functional, device, and application criteria. Notably, barcode scanners are confined to SAP systems, exemplifying this layered approach. BNC effectively segregated WLAN access for AMMANN's staff and guests, harmonizing operational security with convenient internet accessibility for visitors. The fully automated, central BNC Management System ensures efficient network infrastructure management, distinctively shared by both AMMANN and BNC, each with their designated roles. All essential components are virtualized and can be rebooted in the cloud during emergencies. The preconfigured hardware is globally dispatched or locally procured, and post-implementation, it's remotely activated from Switzerland.

BNC presented a concept that impeccably matched the customer's needs: The pricing model solely reflects the practical utilization of components. The proximity of BNC to AMMANN's headquarters in Langenthal also significantly contributed to their collaboration.

"We are highly satisfied with the performance of BNC. The tailored service greatly supports our centrally managed IT operations, and from network transformation to regular operations, everything is proceeding as planned. This is ICT outsourcing as it should be." Bruno Schwager, CIO at AMMANN

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