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Your Data: Available & Secure.

Access Anywhere, Anytime!

Your Data: Available & Secure.

Access Anywhere, Anytime!


Welcome to BNC

IT consulting, skilled engineering, reliable support, and effective IT infrastructure management: Ensuring you can access your data without interruptions at any moment, enabling you to perform your tasks more swiftly, effectively, and efficiently.


What's New?

2 min read

BNC AG joins the fernao Group

2 min read

BNC AG joins the fernao Group


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BNC 25th Anniversary Celebration

BNC 25th Anniversary Celebration



IT Service Provider

Strategic Approaches to Cybersecurity, Cloud Computing, Data Security, and Compliance

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Public Administration and Education

Enhancing Privacy, Cybersecurity, and Data Management in an Evolving Digital Landscape

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Secure Data Availability, IT Department Relief, and the Call for Customized Solutions

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Transport & Logistics

Digital Transformation in Swiss Transport: Balancing Cybersecurity, Sustainability, and Efficiency

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Finance and Insurance Industry

Innovative Solutions for Cyber Resilience and Enhanced Performance

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Construction and Industrial Sector

Navigating from Agility to Security in the IoT Age

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Established in 1998, we have consistently positioned ourselves as a trustworthy partner for our clients.

Our skilled team is relentless in its pursuit of your satisfaction, and we're committed to nurturing enduring, trust-driven relationships that culminate in shared success.


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Your partner for comprehensive services and consultation

Our Support Services, Professional Services, and Managed Services will streamline your business processes. Furthermore, we offer expert Consulting Services in areas like Cyber Security and Automation & Monitoring. Discover how we can assist in elevating your business to the next level.


Peerless Security and Tailored Data Management for Your Enterprise

Our Secure Data Access and Data Management Solutions aren't just technical instruments; they're accelerators for your business prosperity. By harnessing state-of-the-art technologies that guarantee paramount network security and fluid data management, we position you at the forefront of competitive advantage.

Secure Data Access Solutions


E-Mail Security

Your email security, our concern: Integrated solutions for the modern workplace

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Network Firewalls

Protection and control where you need it: Unified and customised solutions

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Wired & Wireless LAN

Enhancing Your Corporate Network's Performance and Security

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Data Center Networking

Scalable Architecture, Streamlined Implementation, and Comprehensive Support  

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Security Service Edge

Future-proofing protection for users, endpoints and applications: How SSE transforms and modernises your security architecture

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Security Operations Center as a Service

Optimal protection with Managed Detection & Response (MDR) and Cloud Detection & Response

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Endpoint Protection Platforms

Holistic approach for endpoints, network, cloud and applications

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DNS, DHCP and IPAM Networking

Effortlessly manage complex tasks, bolster security, and seamlessly integrate with cloud or hybrid environments

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Data Management Solutions


Primary Storage Array

Secure your data with our scalable and highly reliable primary storage solutions

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Enterprise Backup & Recovery

Effective Backup & Recovery for Complex IT Infrastructures

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Object Storage

Efficiently manage your data storage with our DFS and object storage solutions, maximizing scalability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

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Server Virtualization

Efficient Use of Resources in Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures

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Embark on a Flourishing Career with BNC

BNC stands tall on principles of teamwork, collaboration, articulate communication, varied projects, and firsthand customer interaction. Boasting a cadre of nearly 100 committed professionals, we nurture a collaborative work environment enriched by streamlined processes. We are staunch believers in the inherent potential of every individual, and we actively urge our colleagues to infuse their distinct perspectives and spearhead initiatives.

Join the narrative of our success - Delve into our present career openings here.


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