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USM: Dependable Data Management for Enduring Design

Harmonizing Tradition and Technology: The NetApp-Backed IT Infrastructure of USM

At the core of USM's operations lies Switzerland. To ensure flawless production and communication, USM has turned to NetApp solutions for three generations. For years, BNC has been the go-to partner for USM's networking, virtualization, and storage needs.



Since the 1960s, USM U. Schärer Söhne AG has been providing modular furniture systems for both residential and work spaces. Whether it's the modern classics from the USM Haller series or innovations like USM Haller E, the company exclusively manufactures in Switzerland, where its core IT operations are also based. With a focus on design and craftsmanship perfection at USM, the need for fast and dependable data services is paramount.



USM's dedication to its Swiss production site and the essence of Swissness is a testament to its commitment to high-quality standards, optimal manufacturing conditions, and adaptable processes. Leveraging intelligent tools and controls, USM is seamlessly carrying forward the tradition of metalworking with a focus on sustainability. This endeavor includes a significant investment in a CHF 10 million underground powder-coating facility. This state-of-the-art facility automates the coating of metal components for the furniture systems in 14 distinct colors.

As the company experiences continual growth, USM's operational approach is primarily centered around on-demand production, merging the dexterity and expertise of skilled individuals with automated machinery. Each product order is accompanied by a digital workflow, meticulously guiding the corresponding parts from their production stage through assembly and onward to global distribution across more than 50 countries.


Project Overview


Integration and IT automation are pivotal in USM's global organizational structure. With a workforce of over 400 across the world, the company boasts subsidiaries and showrooms in diverse locations such as Switzerland, Germany, France, the UK, Japan, and the USA. The IT support for nearly all country subsidiaries is predominantly overseen by Leone's team from Münsingen, and this seamless approach extends to their backup strategy.

"When it comes to NetApp solutions, reliability is a constant. This fact has been evident over the course of 15 years and must continue to hold true. Because without a smoothly operating IT system, virtually nothing functions effectively at USM." Remo Leone, Head of IT Infrastructure, USM

USM has bolstered its data protection strategy by integrating Veeam with NetApp Snapshot Backup, thereby orchestrating global data safeguarding efforts. NetApp Snapshots ensure the security of central cluster data on an hourly to daily basis. NetApp SnapVault then duplicates this data onto a NetApp system located at USM's Bern facility. This is where the locally-managed backups for all worldwide sites, managed through Veeam, are consolidated.

"NetApp and Veeam provide comprehensive security, and their effectiveness is undeniable," Leone confirms.

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