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SCHURTER: Enhancing Manufacturing Safety through Standardization

Global Consistency and Enhanced Operations with Aruba Network Solutions

The SCHURTER Group is pursuing digital transformation to elevate its operational efficiency and maintain competitiveness in the global market. Utilizing Aruba network solutions, the company aims for consistent standardization to achieve improved product traceability, streamlined supply chains, and seamless network connectivity.



SCHURTER is a global manufacturer of electronic components, input systems, and complete solutions. Headquartered in Lucerne, Switzerland, the SCHURTER Group comprises 21 companies in 17 countries.

"For us, the network is more than just a technical component," says Urs Heller, Head of Enterprise Services & CDO at the SCHURTER Group. "The network is central to all of our activities, spanning communication, collaboration, product development, and operations."




Urs Heller, Head of Enterprise Services & CDO at the SCHURTER Group, emphasizes the paramount importance of digital transformation. To remain competitive in the global market, SCHURTER must elevate its operational efficiency. This entails connecting the group's local teams through centralized management and administration, facilitating the central collection and exchange of data. Furthermore, digital integration has the potential to improve product tracking and streamline global supply chains.

"When producing a product component, it's imperative that we have the capability to trace its manufacturing process and component materials," he states. "This is an absolute necessity. Serving clients in the medical technology and food industries, we're bound by regulations to track global production."

The convergence of global operational processes is on the rise. Multiple entities within the SCHURTER Group are already collaboratively sharing real-time production insights. This trend toward alignment between production facilities is expected to strengthen further.

At the heart of the SCHURTER Group's achievements lies consistency. "Standardization fosters consistency," affirms Heller. His vision is to establish a uniform network experience across the entirety of the group's global business endeavors, spanning performance to SLA support. "Our objective is to have a singular network partner, a unified set of SLAs, and a singular support relationship. Clearly defined responsibilities are essential." BNC stands as the provider of these services at a high standard.


Project Overview


As of today, the three SCHURTER sites in Switzerland are seamlessly connected through the Aruba network infrastructure. This integration has provided a robust template for global business operations, allowing local entities the flexibility to collaborate with their chosen network providers, provided they meet the requisite support and service level standards. The Swiss network has experienced a marked increase in stability and overall performance. Notably, efforts have been directed toward monitoring network performance and devising strategies for ongoing enhancements. Employees across SCHURTER Group offices have embraced Microsoft 365 services accessible via the Networking Core. Within SCHURTER distribution centers, logistics teams have adopted handheld scanners, operating as edge devices at the network periphery. The management of secure visitor access is facilitated through Aruba ClearPass.

The SCHURTER Group is actively exploring novel digital avenues, spanning from enhanced workplace collaboration to embracing the tenets of Industry 4.0. The open architecture of Aruba simplifies the seamless integration of new third-party applications.

"We are presently engaged in evaluating the deployment of artificial intelligence and machine learning within our manufacturing processes," notes Heller. "Our focus lies in understanding how these technologies can optimize our workflows, minimize production anomalies, and provide us with finer control over our operational processes," he further elaborates.


Aruba's solutions empower the establishment of a comprehensive blueprint for global consistency, while concurrently offering a strategic pathway toward transitioning network management into a service-oriented framework, subject to the necessary conditions.

"At this juncture, our prime focus remains on practical network management," elucidates Heller. "Numerous ongoing business initiatives hinge on network enhancements, which remain the responsibility of our local IT teams. Primarily, our paramount aim for our employees revolves around unfettered and uninterrupted network access when navigating any SCHURTER site." Leveraging the capabilities of Aruba Central, SCHURTER has gained the capacity to rapidly activate new locations with minimal resource outlay. The logistical process involves shipping hardware to the new site, with on-ground installation being overseen by local teams, and configuration being administered by the network team stationed at the group's headquarters in Lucerne.

"We are extremely content with the unwavering support provided by BNC, founded upon the bedrock of Aruba technology," asserts Heller. "This pivotal strategic partnership has borne mutual growth. With numerous ongoing digital initiatives, and notwithstanding the presence of adept in-house network engineers at SCHURTER, it is plausible that we will entrust additional operational facets to BNC in the course of time."

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