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SABAG: Robust Storage Solution for Streamlined Operations

Pure Storage All-Flash: Enhancing VDI Performance and Efficiency at SABAG

Discover how SABAG harnessed the power of Pure Storage All-Flash technology to elevate VDI infrastructure performance and availability. By optimizing their storage solution, SABAG achieved an impressive 70% reduction in rack units, alongside significant enhancements in recovery times and user-friendliness.



Headquartered in Biel, the SABAG Group stands as Switzerland's largest family-owned enterprise in the construction material sector since 1913. From kitchens and bathrooms to ceramic tiles, wood, and building materials, SABAG has been a beacon of innovative solutions. Their commitment to service excellence and reliability is evident through their 1,000 employees across 45 locations and 29 showrooms, ensuring timely delivery, quality, and competitive pricing for both construction professionals and commercial customers. With an extensive inventory, SABAG maintains the agility to promptly meet customer demands, setting them apart from competitors. Given its critical role, the IT infrastructure's performance and reliability are pivotal for the business and logistical processes.


Project Overview


Currently, SABAG supports approximately 500 users through its VDI deployment, utilizing Pure Storage's All-Flash storage solution. The primary focal point is the MS Dynamics AX ERP system, enabling users to effectively manage a spectrum of critical business operations encompassing sales, orders, inventory management, financial tasks, and HR responsibilities.

"VDI plays a pivotal role in our operations, and Pure Storage's solution delivers the imperative performance required," stressed Weibel. "Pure Storage's All-Flash architecture significantly contributed to upholding the robustness of our desktop infrastructure. An instrumental advancement in our VDI approach is our newfound ability to create snapshots—a capability absent in our previous setup. The seamless integration between the VDI solution and storage system is paramount, and Pure Storage has proved to be dependable and remarkably user-friendly."

SABAG operates two FlashArray//M20 units, each boasting a 15 TB capacity, within individual data centers. These Flash-Arrays are seamlessly integrated into a broader network landscape incorporating Brocade SAN, 16 GB parallel fiber connections, Cisco Core Switches, and HPE Servers. Employed as standalone components connected to the SAN, these Flash-Arrays present the option for potential future integration into converged solutions. Notably, they cater to VMware-virtualized workloads managed by VMware vCenter and also cater to Microsoft SQL Server requirements.

Leveraging Pure Storage's Flash-Arrays, SABAG successfully reduced the number of occupied rack units from roughly twenty to an impressively compact six, marking a substantial 50% reduction in space utilization. The application of data deduplication yielded an aggregate data reduction ratio of 2.8:1, spanning across all consolidated workloads inclusive of VDI and SQL tasks. Beyond its initial storage solution, SABAG now enjoys expanded recovery capabilities enabled by snapshot technology. With simplified and expedited storage resource management, IT professionals are able to save valuable time—time that is channeled into enhancing security measures.

"The implementation process for Pure Storage's infrastructure is notably faster, leading to quicker operational readiness. Our tests also revealed heightened system reliability in contrast to our prior solution," Weibel highlighted.

As recognized by him, Pure Storage not only ensures consistent performance even under 100% load but also empowers faster recovery time objectives (RTOs) for cases involving lost files, directories, or virtual servers. The IT team lauds Pure Storage's user-friendly dashboard, amplifying operational ease and resilience. This heightened efficiency empowers SABAG's IT division to adeptly meet the demanding service requirements intrinsic to business operations.

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