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SABAG: Focus on Network Security, Scalability and Flexibility 

BNC Secure Access Service has improved efficiency and security for the SABAG Group

The SABAG Group has successfully implemented the BNC Secure Access Service, which has led to the creation of an optimized and location-independent IT infrastructure. This improvement includes the consolidation and central management of a firewall and SD-WAN technology, providing enhanced control over data traffic, increased service availability, and seamless integration with cloud infrastructures. The system offers real-time network monitoring and control, fostering scalability for business growth, and ensuring a secure user environment through a Zero-Trust approach. As a result, the SABAG team can now securely access all applications from any location.



The SABAG Group, headquartered in Biel, is the largest Swiss family-owned company in the building materials trade, with a legacy of constructive innovation since 1913 in kitchens, bathrooms, ceramic tiles, wood, and building materials.



Currently, SABAG employs over 1,000 individuals and operates a network of 38 branches across German- and French-speaking Switzerland. However, this expansive corporate structure, combined with the need for modern location- and device-independent employee and customer management, presents significant challenges for the SABAG Group's IT infrastructure. These challenges include ensuring network availability and stability, data security, scalability, interoperability, support, and cost management.

«Initially, we were only looking for a replacement for our previous SD-WAN. We had built our network concept with BNC, unfortunately after the introduction of the old SD-WAN, so with limitations in terms of feasibility. So we initiated discussions about alternatives, with BNC and with other providers. The high-level expert discussion with BNC then led to us opening our horizons further and throwing more aspects into the discussion that we also had to solve. As a result, a completely different conversation developed and we were presented with a solution approach that addressed several challenges at the same time and was not even very much more expensive in comparison.» Peter Weibel, Head of IT SABAG Group



Project Overview


Through the implementation of a comprehensive firewall and network infrastructure, SABAG ensures the security of its infrastructure across all 38 locations, including the home office area. By consolidating technologies through SD-WAN and firewall, a unified and simplified security environment is created, resulting in higher network performance and stability through local break-outs. Additionally, redundant connections are in place to ensure higher availability and reliability. 

«IT operations rarely run smoothly, which is how we had to adjust to BNC at first. In the meantime, however, we receive meaningful statistics in the quarterly mandate meetings, where we can have outliers investigated or justified. The cause of outages, abnormal behaviour or traffic jams can be many and varied, ranging from the internet communication we rely on to server behaviour that we had not set up properly. With the BNC, we have a provider that tackles the issues in partnership and competently with us and exerts pressure in our interest to solve the existing problems.» Peter Weibel, Head of IT SABAG Group Gruppe


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