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Consulting Services:
Cyber-Security, Automation & Monitoring

Your Guide to a Streamlined and Future-Proof IT

You're tasked with enhancing and securing your IT infrastructure, but the path isn't clear. Maybe you sense stagnation in your IT, or see pressing areas to address. Handling security gaps and threats requires expertise. While you see automation's promise for your IT, the starting point is elusive. We're your go-to partner in these challenges.

With our expertise in Cyber-Security and Automation & Monitoring, we offer direction, empower you to face these issues head-on, and guide you to a fortified and efficient IT setup.



We guide you on the path to developing a holistic Cyber-Security strategy that amplifies your entrepreneurial success factors and ensures the survival of your organization, even during crises. Our focus is on a collaborative approach, beginning with the detection of vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure through systematic and process audits. Through consultation on security strategies and the design of information security architectures, we lay the groundwork for the successful and efficient implementation of effective security measures. Establishing a system that enhances awareness of security and data protection within your business contributes to your resilience. Not least, we support you in creating and maintaining an Information Security Management System (ISMS), including the definition of an information classification policy. We also prepare your organization to certify your ISMS in accordance with the globally recognized standard ISO 27001, and we assist you in upholding this certification.


ISO 27001 Self-Assessment

In collaboration with our Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and Head of Consulting Services, Martin Buck, and Thomas Viguier, a Cyber Security Consultant at BNC, we have designed a self-assessment system pertaining to ISO 27001. This system is intended to assist you in the identification of potential weaknesses and areas in which improvements may be required.


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Automation & MONITORING

Our pivotal contribution is in identifying the right areas for automation and implementing impactful solutions. With our extensive understanding of diverse IT infrastructures, we guide you in discovering potentials for automation, consult with you on the selection of fitting tools and technologies, and assist you in their utilization. Moreover, we frequently underscore opportunities for enhancements in monitoring and performance optimization. Effective surveillance of your IT infrastructure and application performance is indispensable for early problem identification and boosting performance. With our specialized knowledge and experience in Open Source Monitoring with Zabbix, we demonstrate how you can swiftly gather significant data and present it clearly using a robust monitoring tool.



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